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“Woke Leadership” with Priscilla Douglas

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This week I sat down with my friend Priscilla Douglas to discuss her new book Woke Leadership: Profits, Prophets and Purpose. 

Priscilla believes that great leadership doesn’t just inspire. It inspires action. Action that advances careers, transforms organizations, makes a lasting impact, and changes society for the better.

Coaching and consulting to leaders around the globe, action catalyst Priscilla H. Douglas engages and energizes audiences, driving collaboration, contribution and innovative ideas. Drawing from her decades-long career as an executive in government, academia, and business, she shares her unique, holistic perspective on the challenges of today. A true trailblazer, Priscilla ignites conversations and sparks transformation across all types of organizations and industries.

It was a fun and enlightening conversation, and her book is a fabulous and uplifting read. We need more “woke” leaders like Priscilla Douglas. 

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Jimmy and Priscilla discuss family backgrounds (01:55)
  • The importance of supporting independent bookstores (04:45)
  • Priscilla’s upbringing on a farm in Bedford, Massachusetts (05:40)
  • The origin of the term “Woke” (07:30)
  • How the term “Woke” has been weaponized (11:56)
  • Priscilla’s hopeful beliefs on us all building a better society (15:08)
  • Jimmy and Priscilla discuss the important voices in the media, such as Colin Kaepernick, Simone Biles, and Taylor Swift (19:24)
  • Priscilla explains PLORK (21:51)

Priscilla’s choice for this week’s Humor for Humanity nonprofit beneficiary is the Boston Public Library Fund. (Donations gratefully accepted).

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