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MetroWest Legal Services

Jimmy sits down with Elizabeth A Soulé, executive director of MetroWest legal Services, to discuss the purpose of Civil Legal Aid and the challenges of serving the legal needs of the disenfranchised in MetroWest Massachusetts and the nation.The mission of MetroWest Legal Services is to provide legal advocacy to protect and advance the rights of … Read more

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Jimmy Tingle reflects on his personal experience and sense of humor of Archbishop Desmond Tutu with the Archbishop’s close friend and communications team member Stewart Ting Chong ( in episode 2 of The Jimmy Tingle Show. An inspiring and uplifting interview at a time when the world needs both hope and a sense of humor.On … Read more

Colin Quinn

Comedians Jimmy Tingle and Colin Quinn reunite on the debut broadcast of The Jimmy Tingle Show and rekindle their friendship as they reflect on their roots in the Boston and New York stand-up comedy club scene of the 1980s. Jimmy draws Colin out on his process as a comic, writer, and performer as they discuss the tour of … Read more

“Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream” accepted into the 11th New Hampshire Film Festival

Jimmy Tingle and Director Vincent Straggas are pleased to announce that JIMMY TINGLE’S AMERICAN DREAM, a tour de force of comedy, commentary and conversation with some of America’s most iconic personalities and social critics, as well as family, friends and total strangers as they speak up and speak out on the American Dream, has been … Read more

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