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Quentin Palfrey, Candidate for Attorney General of Massachusetts

As a part of my Meet the Candidate Series, I sat down and talked with Quentin Palfrey, Candidate for Attorney General of Massachusetts.

Quentin Palfrey is a former Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General and was the first Chief of the office’s Healthcare Division. He served as a Senior Advisor in President Obama’s White House Office of Science and Technology, and as Acting General Counsel for the Department of Commerce on day one of the Biden-Harris administration. He is also the founder of the Voter Protection Corp, an organization that works to fight voter suppression.

Quentin is running for AG to address the everyday issues facing people in Massachusetts, including dismantling the barriers of structural racism, standing with workers against wage theft, pushing back against the assault on reproductive rights, and injecting urgency into our response to climate change. He has been endorsed by the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Progressive Mass and several other advocacy organizations.

Quentin currently lives in Weston with his wife Anna and their three children.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Quentin’s background in a political family (01:45)
  • Quentin’s experience working with President Obama in the White House (02:41)
  • Quentin’s experience working with President Biden, and The Biden and Harris Administration (04:27)
  • The motivation to run for Attorney General (06:36)
  • Quentin’s plan to follow in Maura Healey’s footsteps if elected (09:23)
  • Whether or not the Attorney General needs Legislative Approval (11:12)
  • Quentin’s thoughts on dismantling structural racism in MA (12:18)
  • Quentin’s plans for Education (15:03)
  • The Fair Share Amendment, also known as The Millionaire’s Tax (19:11)
  • Closing Statement (19:42)

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