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NPR interview on our film “Jimmy Tingle’s The American Dream”

Hi Folks
I just did this short radio interview with the NPR, Cape Cod and Islands, Radio station WCAI. He plays a clip of my mother talking about me starting off in comedy.

It was also a lot of  fun talking to DJ Dan Trittle about our film playing this weekend on Martha’s Vineyard and going back to school at Kennedy School of Government after being away so long.
I told him in this interview I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to make it academically, especially after the first summer school test.

I’m in Statistics class on our first summer school exam and 45 minutes into  the test the professor says “OK class we are approximately half way through the exam, you should be about halfway through the 20 test questions. I look at my paper and I’m on question 3. All I could think of was “what am I doing at Graduate School at Harvard?”

Thanks Everyone
Talk Soon


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