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MetroWest Legal Services

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Jimmy sits down with Elizabeth A Soulé, executive director of MetroWest legal Services, to discuss the purpose of Civil Legal Aid and the challenges of serving the legal needs of the disenfranchised in MetroWest Massachusetts and the nation.

The mission of MetroWest Legal Services is to provide legal advocacy to protect and advance the rights of the poor, elderly, disabled and other disenfranchised people in our service area and to assist them in obtaining legal, social and economic justice. We help our clients secure access to basic needs and challenge institutional barriers in order to achieve equal justice for all.

MetroWest Legal services is the Humor for Humanity Beneficiary for this episode. Donations can be made Here

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Betsy explains Civil Legal Aid and how vital it is to the poor who wouldn’t otherwise have a right to an attorney (01:02)
  • The Right to Counsel movement in the civil context (01:57)
  • The priorities of MetroWest Legal Services in serving the individuals who need their help (05:00)
  • What keeps Betsy going after 33 years as Executive Director of MetroWest Legal Services (07:32)

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