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“Jimmy Tingle’s 20/20 Vision: Why would a comedian run for office?” is a funny, thought provoking and hopeful look at contemporary life and politics as seen through comedian and social commentator Jimmy Tingle’s experience as a candidate for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts in 2018.

As our divided nation emerges from the election of 2020 with emotions, passions and suspicions running at an all-time high, the film challenges the audience to move beyond the politics of tweets, sound bites, and the nightly news cycle and into the realm of long-term thinking and life affirming possibility.
Through comedy, commentary and conversation, Jimmy aspires to contribute to the cultural dialogue in a positive, hopeful—and funny—way as America strives to create, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “a more perfect union.”

Weaving personal narration from the campaign headquarters and basement of his Cambridge, Massachusetts home with politically charged comedy and commentary from the stage of Harvard’s Sanders Theatre, the film illuminates Tingle’s political campaign with passion, purpose, and a sense of humor.

Media Reviews

Jimmy Tingle’s personal, probing, and playful new film, “Jimmy Tingle’s 2020 Vision: Why would a comedian run for office?” asks, and answers, many more questions than the beloved political comedian’s quest to understand his quixotic run for Massachusetts Lt. Governor in 2018. It inquires into the state of our political system itself: What’s missing? Who gets to lead? What really constitutes national security?

Are there any ideas that are too outrageous to work if given a chance? How can our current safety net can be mended? Not to mention, How do you rearrange your semi-finished basement into a political headquarters?

Interspersing the classic stand-up format with film clips from around the world and personal asides, Tingle’s movie delivers a funny, frank, but never preachy appraisal of our political system, both how it works and how it could work better. For the record, he came in second, but this film is a big winner.
–Ira Wood, Producer/Host, The Lowdown, WOMR-FM

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Jimmy Tingle is a nationally recognized comedian, commentator, producer, actor, and the founder of Humor for Humanity, a new social enterprise which raises spirits, funds, and awareness for nonprofits through his work as a performer, emcee, and auctioneer.

He has worked as a humorist and commentator for “60 Minutes II” and MSNBC and has appeared on “The Tonight Show,” CNN, “Conan O’Brien,” “Fresh Air with Terry Gross,” and in his own HBO half-hour comedy special. He recently made a cameo appearance with Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Veep” on HBO.

Feature film work includes “Next Stop Wonderland,” “Boondock Saints,” “Head of State” (starring Chris Rock) and “Clear History” (starring Larry David). He has also appeared in several documentary films, including “When Stand up Stood Out,” “Call Me Lucky” (directed by Bobcat Goldthwait) “Damned in the USA,” and “America with the Top Down.”

After earning a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (where he was the graduate school commencement speaker for his class in 2010), he ran for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts on the Democratic ticket in 2018. As a first-time candidate for public office, he received 41% of the vote in the Massachusetts Democratic primary.

Based on his experience running for public office, he created a stage show, recorded at Harvard’s Sanders Theater on February 29, 2020, that illuminates his campaign with passion, purpose and a sense of humor.

During the Covid lockdown of 2020 he developed the show into a documentary called “Jimmy Tingle’s 2020 Vision: Why would a comedian run for office?” which will be released in 2021. It’s a funny, thought provoking, and hopeful look at contemporary life and politics. His previous film, “Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream,” which he wrote and produced, was directed by Vincent Straggas of Flag Day Productions.

Theatrical credits include writing, performing, and producing several one-person shows, including “Uncommon Sense,” “Jimmy Tingle for President—The Funniest Campaign in History,” and “Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream.”

Tingle has the rare distinction of winning Boston Magazine’s “Best of Boston” awards for “stand-up comedy” and “best alternative theater” for his work as the producer and artistic director of Jimmy Tingle’s Off-Broadway Theater in Somerville.

In addition to his master’s degree from Harvard, he earned a Bachelor of Arts from UMASS Dartmouth where he majored in history and minored in education.

For more information, please visit or call 617-642-8102.

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Jimmy Tingle,, (617) 642-8102.

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