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Jimmy Tingle in the Barnstable Patriot

From the Barnstable Patriot-
“If you don’t like to laugh, stay home and don’t go see Jimmy Tingle perform on the Julie Harris stage at Wellfleet Harbors Actors Theater on Sunday and Monday nights this summer. If you are uncomfortable giggling, guffawing, gasping for breath and wiping tears off your cheeks, stay home and let Jimmy Tingle entertain other folks. On the other hand, if you would like an evening out that is fun, makes you laugh out loud (see above), makes you appreciate well used and well articulated talents and helps you forget the passage of time and the summer crowds, call WHAT now and make a reservation to see this twinkle-eyed Irishman from Cambridge light up the stage.

Jimmy Tingle is really his name and Tingle is the name of this year’s show directed by Rand Foerster. In the past Tingle has written and performed shows with names like Jimmy Tingle for President: The Funniest Campaign in History andJimmy Tingle in the Promised Land, and he admits right up front that his brand of political, satirical and thoughtful humor may not be for everyone. In fact, after two years in what they called the “Andy Rooney spot” on 60 Minutes II in 1999-2000, Tingle was asked to change or tone down his bits or leave the show. He left.

Although Tingle has been a stand up comedian for about 30 years he is more likely to be seen in a theater setting than in a comedy club. His humor is sophisticated, smart and sharp and although he has the audience laughing, sometimes hysterically, throughout most of the show…..”

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