“Jimmy Tingle for President: The Funniest Campaign in History”
With the upcoming 2012 Presidential election amid the growing dissent of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movements, nationally known comedian, filmmaker, and commentator for 60 Minutes II, Jimmy Tingle has constructed another hilarious, thought provoking and politically charged one man show based on his 2012 run for the presidency. As the founder of the “Humor for Humanity” party, Jimmy Tingle is running on his comedic record.  The campaign underlines his passion and creative thinking on every issue the next president must grapple with from alternative energy to immigration to jobs and the national debt. Despite the seriousness of the issues confronting America and the world, Jimmy Tingle for President is The Funniest Campaign in History.

“This thinking-person’s comedian is quick on his feet; his delivery features dead-on timing…he is confident and full of energy”.
Kathi ScrizziDriscoll, Cape Cod Times  Full Review

“His humor is sophisticated, smart and sharp and although he has the audience laughing, sometimes hysterically, throughout most of the show, he often builds into a story line in a way that most stand up comedians don’t dare take the time for.”  Mary Richmond, Barnstable Patriot    Full Review