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Happy Thanksgiving from Jimmy and The Pilgrims

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Jimmy Tingle 0:05
I know it’s a bad job market now. How do you think the job market was? But the Pilgrims the mighty pilgrims persecuted in England for their Puritan beliefs. They left England went to Holland, persecuted in Holland for the Puritan beliefs one night feeling ostracized, rejected by the entire world. They had a meeting who persecuted in England with persecuted in Holland. Wherever in this world can we go to practice our religion freely? And one of them said about Cape Cod?

Jimmy Tingle 0:50
Cape Cod, could we get a place

Jimmy Tingle 1:00
it’s the offseason ended 1620. So 100 pilgrims getting to a boat the size of the stage, they set sail for the New World, they end up in Provincetown bay in the winter of 1620. And even in 1620, you could not get a place for 100 people in Providence. And I think we all underestimate the hardship these people endured. Obviously, they didn’t have heat, electricity, hot water, toiletry medicines. I mean, it was about day to day, hour to hour minute to minute stress, incredible stress, incredible fear. Just to survive many of the pilgrims Okay, had wooden shoes. Think about that wooden shoes. It’s bad enough you’re lost. Your shoes are made of wood.

Jimmy Tingle 2:01
Many of them had wooden teeth. buckles on the issue big buckles on their belt buckles on their hands. Let’s face it, the pilgrims were a buckled up people. As a matter of fact, I believe they were the originators of the seatbelt law. Where are they going? I’m going to say limb to burner which buckle up

Jimmy Tingle 2:33
you know you are stressed out force when you need a buckle on your hands. Keep your head together was hard. It was hard. And if it wasn’t for the Native Americans, the Indians, they never would have made it through that first winter. This Indian show great empathy and compassion and love for the pilgrims. Squanto and Massasoit told the other Indians Come in Come here to me. We have to help these people. Check them out

Jimmy Tingle 3:14
they’re all buckled up. They gonna catch a deer. Here I’m coming through the woods

Jimmy Tingle 3:29
and Squanto was telling Miles Standish and the other pilgrims bio standard lighten up row. You’re on Cape Cod. Put on some sandals and unbuckle.

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