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Ding Ho Comedy Club 40th Anniversary Reunion Part 1

The Ding Ho Comedy Club 40th Anniversary Reunion Replay

To Donate to help support Helen Crimmins Ongoing Medical Expenses, Click Here

A Boston comedy star-studded event with all proceeds to benefit Helen Crimmins, wife of the late, great Barry Crimmins.

The show consists of interviews, clips and comedic riffs from a monolithic lineup of comics, all of whom got their start at the famed Ding Ho Comedy Club in Cambridge, Mass. The lineup reads like a “Who’s Who” of the early Boston comedy scene, most of whom are still working in television, film, radio, podcasts, on stage and – given the current circumstances of the pandemic – online. They reunite for one night only through the miracle of Zoom — to laugh, reminisce and pay tribute to the founder of the Ding Ho, Barry Crimmins, while raising much-needed funds for the medical treatment and living expenses of his surviving wife Helen.

Barry died from cancer on February 28, 2018. In 2017, Helen was diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is currently making steady progress in her recovery.


1.     Jimmy Tingle & Helen Crimmins 0:00-9:43

2.     Barry Clip: 9:45-12:50

3.     TEDDY BERGERON 14:08- 18:22

4.     MIKE BENT 19:12- 22:20

5.     BILL BRAUDIS 23:00- 28:52

6.     BILL CAMPBELL:  29:02-34:24

7.     LENNY CLARKE 35:15- 43:23

8.     MELVIN GEAORGE 43:47-49:05

9.     JACK GALLAGHER 50:08- 58:00

10.  BOB AND RON 58:05- 1:06:14

11.  DON GAVIN 1:06:50- 1:15:15

12.  TOM KENNY:  1:15:20- 1:29:50

13.  1:29:55- BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT 1:45:30

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