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Colin Quinn

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On the debut broadcast of The Jimmy Tingle Show, I sat down and reunited with comedian and longtime friend, Colin Quinn.

Colin Quinn is a stand-up comedian from Brooklyn (okay, Park Slope).  From MTV’s “Remote Control” to “SNL” to Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn,” Mr. Quinn is not one to take a hint and bow out gracefully.  He’s been on Broadway with “Colin Quinn: An Irish Wake” and “Colin Quinn: Long Story Short” (also an HBO special) and off-Broadway with his show “Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional” (available on Netflix) and “Colin Quinn: The New York Story,” directed by Jerry Seinfeld (also available on Netflix). Recent credits include “Trainwreck,” “Girls,” and his web series “Cop Show,” streaming now on His first book, “The Coloring Book,” is now out from Grand Central Publishing.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Colin and Jimmy reflect on their roots in the Boston and New York stand-up comedy club scene of the 1980s. (01:10)
  • Colin’s newest one-person show, “The Last Best Hope” (02:45)
  • Colin’s process as a comic, writer, and performer (07:00)
  • Colin and Jimmy discuss sobriety (12:40)
  • They explore whether or not Comedy, as a social force, can help unite a divided nation (18:40)

Donations to Humor for Humanity will help pay the rent for men in early recovery at the New Day Recovery ( sober living home in Malden, MA. To make a Donation, click HERE

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