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911: Prayer for America

Jimmy Tingle September, 2001 There’s a hole in the tip of Manhattan A hole in the soul of America.   A hole in the center of our psyche A hole in the foundation of our confidence   There’s a hole in the faith of our country That fills churches in search of a God   … Read more

The other pandemic | The Boston Globe

How many Americans must die before the country treats alcohol and drug addiction as the national emergency it is? By Jimmy Tingle Updated December 26, 2020, 3:00 a.m. During the 1980s, I lost three friends to alcohol and drugs and I was personally going downhill in a big way because of those substances. I had … Read more

“Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream” accepted into the 11th New Hampshire Film Festival

Jimmy Tingle and Director Vincent Straggas are pleased to announce that JIMMY TINGLE’S AMERICAN DREAM, a tour de force of comedy, commentary and conversation with some of America’s most iconic personalities and social critics, as well as family, friends and total strangers as they speak up and speak out on the American Dream, has been … Read more

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