Corporate Reviews

“Outstanding! I would highly recommend you to any organization looking for a little comic relief.”


“We wanted funny. We wanted smart. We wanted personable and
professional. We got what we wanted and more when we hired Jimmy Tingle.”
Mitchell Burman, President and Founder, Analytics Operations Engineering


“The feedback was excellent; I would highly recommend Jimmy Tingle as an emcee for any corporate event.”
Todd Spiczenski, Vice President, Credit Union National Association


Jimmy’s insights into the ways in which the world works – or not – and his bold ideas for how to fix things kept our entire company laughing. His intelligent and at times surreal humor was perfect for a bright, engaged, and quick-thinking audience. An evening with Jimmy was the perfect way to celebrate our company’s achievements, and weeks later we’re still laughing about what he said.
Robert Seliger, CEO and Co-Founder of Sentillion